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Digital is shaping the way work is delivered. As companies seek to remain productive, agile, and innovative, ensuring that digital is at the forefront of the employee experience will enable companies to remain competitive and well-equipped to face the future of work. 


At Apricot Consulting, executives come to us to ensure their investment in digital tools for their workforce delivers a commercial outcome. We help businesses navigate the digital age - working with them to optimise, advise and manage their HR digital transformation. 


Effective strategy, selection and implementation of digital solutions is no longer an optional add-on to solve business problems, it is integral. We ensure that business objectives are met including:

·     ensuring new ways of working that drive productivity and value creation

·     reduce overall costs in people management

·     implementing a digital journey and streamlined process

Our approach is unmatched in the market - using our unique data-driven Digital HR toolkit we ensure clients make informed choices on the appropriate technology strategy and road map, as well as the associated people and process activities that will ensure that organisations improve people and business performance.


Apricot’s guarantee


Our track record working with organisations of 1000 or more staff means we can deliver business benefits of at least $500,000- $1m annually and achieve a payback period of less than 2 years with our digital HR transformation programs

Effective selection and implementation of digital solutions is no longer an optional add-on to solve business problems. They are instead integral components of the strategy of every organisation and ensuring new ways of working that drive productivity and reduce costs. This is particularly important as companies respond to macro trends such as COVID-19 where more companies are requesting staff to work virtually while continually to deliver outcomes around the clock.

·     We design digital strategy and road maps to deliver an ROI

·     We undertake a review of technology systems that employees using via our unique Digital HR diagnostic tools

·     We facilitate vendor selection programs

·     We deliver market scans and business cases to ensure that companies make the right investments that deliver         value and minimise costs

·     We design effective change management programs

·     We track adoption to ensure that companies are receiving an ROI on their technology investment

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