A world’s first hotline just for leaders. 


COVID has placed unprecedented stress on businesses globally. Leaders carry enormous anxiety related to what to do, where to go next, how to remain optimistic, and how to lead their teams through these times. In many cases, the need for just in time support is critical. 


Introducing, Apricot’s Leadership Hotline. A just in time response service where leaders can talk to one of our trained leadership coaches on topics related to personal and team leadership, when, and as they need to.

In our initial offer we are offering up to 2hours/month per subscriber accessing our hotline.


Our guarantee is that we will be available to respond within 1 hr timeframe between 7am-6pm AEST.

Monthly subscription hotline for leaders

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price

    +61 414 369 042


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