With the heightened financial sensitivity due to COVID, driving more productivity, cost reduction, and realignment to core business activities, leaders are looking to maximise the performance of their staff. Reduced headcount, employee fatigue, cost cutting and the myriad of distractions and business changes underway are all impacting employee and team performance. Change is no longer a choice, it is essential to avoid failure.


With over 18 years in industry, we developed the Remote Work Optimiser to increase the effectiveness of your team's performance and productivity


Remote Work Diagnostic

The diagnostic assess your remote working practices under 7 key areas and the results are used as input in to a tailored development plan under these key areas to improve the performance and productivity of your team.


You will receive the diagnostic and a 30 day improvement plan.


We guarantee an increase in your team remote working performance by 15% after executing the 30 day plan or we offer money back.

Remote Work Optimiser

$499.00 Regular Price
$299.40Sale Price