Strong communication enables remote teams to stay connected to your organisation. The absence or limitation of face to face communication can also lead to communication errors and breakdowns with misaligned priorities. Apricot Consulting’s RWI will give business leaders an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of their current operating model.

Our index focuses on your organisation's current remote working culture and operating mode, which will enable better performance, productivity and engagement of employees. 

Th first is a qualitative, narrative-driven process that engages stakeholders using a relational approach and the second is a quantitative assessment.

The qualitative assessment is a relational approach to digging deep to understand organisational norms, patterns, and behaviors. It encourages participants to reflect and respond to the underlying elements that influence your organisation and its culture. Obtaining qualitative feedback will enable narrative stories to be told which will create common understanding from the themes identified in the quantitative results. This is beneficial for both for your organisation and Apricot Consulting as we determine recommendations for future improvements with direct input.

The second tool is the quantitative assessment; an online survey designed to capture experiences and impressions of the cohort of stakeholders. The quantitative assessment provides critical insights in to how the various stakeholders think and feel. The number of iterations is flexible, and it takes about ten minutes per person to complete, supporting the qualitative assessment with numerical data and findings.

Service Offering

Undertake qualitative interviews with nominated staff members

Implement the quantitative survey for the group staff members

Analyse interview findings and quantitative data

Report and recommendations, highlighting the connections between thematic findings with narrative and numerical results

Action plan on implementation and adoption of recommendations