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Executive coaching creates purposeful and intentional space for leaders to reflect, manage uncertainty and complexity, and explore solutions with Apricot’s unique coaching model. 


Our coaching experts have been in the space for close to 20 years, and will guide you to unearth new ideas and solutions to your business and leadership challenges.

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Our development programs facilitated for senior leadership teams include in-person workshops, off-sites, virtual programs and webinars. Our sessions are engaging and provide unique skills development and leadership capabilities. We also facilitate strategy and innovation sessions to support leaders as they navigate business changes and challenges.

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We provide Australia's only end-to-end solution to a shared value program. Shared value programs see us work with large corporates and not-for-profits to create a mutually beneficial partnership that leverages their collective expertise and resources to make a positive impact on the economic and social conditions of the organisations involved.


Not only do we form the relationship and create the strategy, but we also manage its implementation in the market.


Digital HR is a holistic framework where people, process, and technology come together to ensure that work is productive, engaging, and adaptive to meet the future needs of the marketplace.


As a partner, we help businesses make informed decisions on strategy, technology, and manage programs to ensure that they improve business performance.

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Our data-driven approach to benchmark organisational health is focused on the seven key areas we have identified; Meaning, Leadership, Relationships, Creativity, Agility, Decision Making and Delivery​.

Our work with teams to transform their culture results in increased productivity, role effectiveness, higher retention rates and boosted morale. Our Apricot Health Index (AHI) is a custom-designed assessment tool, designed to give business leaders an overarching assessment of the effectiveness of their current organisational operating model without impacting on busy schedules.