Corporate Social Responsibility

Connecting corporates and not-for-profits for mutually beneficial outcomes

Shared value: the establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership between two or more organisations that leverages their collective expertise and resources to make a positive impact on the economic and social conditions of the businesses involved in the partnership.One of our core services is partnering small businesses or charities with corporate organisations by offering expertise and resources from the corporate organisation to the small business or charity – we call this shared value. Each initiative is unique, and partnership is based on core values and organisational purpose to ensure alignment and value for all. 

The needs of the smaller business and charities can vary, and our role is to ensure the right partners are brought together, we bring clarity and clear communication ensuring accountability for all partners. Large corporates can benefit by furthering their corporate social responsibility agenda, acquire talented resources for their supply chain or partner with a smaller business that is aligned to their purpose.Investment in corporate social responsibility programs may not always result in a social impact or difference and we can guarantee and promise our shared value programs are different and will have both a social and economic impact.

Through establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with a not-for-profit organisation by offering your expertise and resources, your organisation will:

  •  Competitive advantage and innovation with diverse resources 

  •  Advancement of its company culture by embracing a purposeful partnership 

  •  Access to new economic opportunities

  • Enhanced staff engagement relating to supporting social needs

We can help you build a sustainable partnership that affects positive change and maximises commercial impact.

Our Service Offering


Business Case

  • Identification and commercial suitability match of your organisation’s social agenda.  

  • Market scan and options analysis based on a 11 point compatibility framework for partner identification.

  • Synergy in the value chain evaluated.

  • ROI measures to determine win/ win outcome is established.

Healthy Partnerships

  • Assess business health and partnership commitment utilising Apricot’s Culture Impact Index (CII) to ensure a sustainable long term partnership can be achieved.  

  • Determine competencies from each partner to deliver on the business case.


  • Ensuring that each partner delivers on established expectations through setting up a program that includes stakeholder management, reporting and accountability.  

Insights & Expansion

  • Measure KPI performance of partnership to monitor and improve the success of the Shared Value partnership in an ongoing basis.

  • Tell the story of success commercially and socially utilising our comprehensive internal and external communications strategy framework.

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