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Apricot provide key services to leadership, change and ESG across a broad range of industries. Our model seeks to implement change that affects the health of leaders, teams, organisations, and the communities in which they operate. 

Our team is multidisciplinary, adaptable and work collaboratively on all our projects to generate tangible results, not just pass you a shiny pdf, or heap a list of things onto your plate and walk off.


Above all, our team is united by the lofty goal of actually making the world a better place.


Our Approach

Since it’s conception two decades ago, the Apricot team have delivered outcomes and strategies that quantify and improve the health of leaders, teams, organisations and communities. While our firm has changed significantly since it’s first project in 2002, our work has always endeavoured to meet the lofty goal of genuinely making the world a better place. Our primary service lines sit within the area of Organisational Development, and ESG. We see these two divisions increasingly intertwined, and reflective of a shift towards a more ESG-minded economy. Our strength is our ability to connect leaders around a shared vision of success, and importantly, walk with our clients to implement and deliver influential programs driven from the top down and holistically informed by their unique business ecosystem, both internal and external. We deliver this through the synergy of our expert consultants and in-house and external tech, including our own home-grown algorithms, the unique Apricot Health Index ™ digital assessment, the integration of complex artificial intelligence, as well as a suite of partnerships with world leading institutions and organisations to ensure our client's commercial peace-of-mind and the knowledge that their work will leave a legacy.

Our work is purposed to drive and improve the holistic health of organisations, teams and leaders, incorporating an understanding that these organisations exist through and for communities, and the diverse people that inhabit them. 

Over the past 20 years, we have distilled the below seven areas of health that form the pillars of our programs.

Meaning, Relationship, Leadership, Creativity, Agility, Decision Making and Delivery.


These 7 areas make up the Apricot Health Index, and they underpin all the services that Apricot offers.

7 areas of organisational health

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Personalised one-to-one coaching sessions based on the best practice Apricot Coaching model. Our Coaches have over 20 years of experience to focus on your leadership growth and development.


Apricot Consulting uses a variety of different learning solutions with engaging and adaptable group workshops and e-learning to build the capabilities of your leaders to meet business goals and priorities.

Social Procurement & ESG

A suite of tactical services kilted towards implementation and implementation strategy. Our offering covers the broader narrative of ESG, including Modern Slavery. We are currently also the only firm that services the full lifecycle of social procurement.

Apricot Health Index

Digital 360 Assessments, Team Health Assessment, and Organisation-wide sentiment analysis. All products have been created to dovetail in with expert consulting advice and change management, allowing us to drive powerful and hyper-bespoke data-driven interventions.

Change Management & Culture Change

We partner with organisations to assist them to achieve change and meet strategic business priorities.  We support individuals and organisations on the change journey, building motivation and capability, to embed change.

What people say


Executive Coaching

I have worked with Apricot for a number of years and have gained significantly from this in terms of insight, thoughtfulness and a much broader perspective.  He steps outside the corporate view to ensure issues are considered in their totality.  Discussing (debating) ideas in coaching, always brings out new perspectives, opportunities and insights not previously contemplated.  Apricot creates a challenging, but solution focused environment that leads to better decisions.   I have benefitted from that both professionally and personally.


Change Management & Culture Change

With COVID-19 disrupting most businesses we have seen that the investment into Apricot Consulting has given us confidence in our ability as an organization to adapt to distributed working models and continue to work effectively together.


This investment will go a long way to ensure our sustainability into the next decade.


Social Procurement

Apricot Consulting plays a central anchoring role in the shared value relationship between Ability Works, Transurban, and The Aurecon Group. Outcomes for Ability Works as a result of the shared value relationship has been pro bono quality strategic input with the subsequent development of a new business unit creating work for our employees, strategic marketing input, leadership training and additional revenue from introductions to new customers.


Executive Coaching

I have worked with Apricot Consulting for over 15 years. The consultants I have worked with have been, without question honest and trustworthy. Apricot's program is thought-provoking and has stimulated action-oriented outcomes from my work and life’s occasionally complex challenges. Apricot brings a new dimension to discussions, which drive new idea’s that are not possible in normal business discussions.



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